Coin Toss was officially opened on February 8th, 2008. The site stems from my growing obsession with the Tenjho Tenge series. I've always been a fan of the action genre and as ludicrous as the plot of the anime may seem, I still could not help but fall in love with it. I chose to build a fanlisting on Shin and Mitsuomi's rivalry because it was based on so much more than just blatant opposition - there was camaraderie and respect

I'm torn between my feelings towards the dispositions of Shin and Mitsuomi as well as their skills as martial artists. My devotion towards the two tends to sway either way according to the different settings and outcomes within the series. Since I tend to be conflicted in my choices between the two, I think the final decision can only be made perhaps from the flip of a coin. Heads=Shin. Tales=Mitsuomi. That's the reason why I named the site Coin Toss

When Mitsuomi entered Todou Academy, he had a strong admiration and respect for Shin. He even became a member of "Team Katana," a group aside from the Enforcement group that Shin forged with his friends. Mitsuomi's respect for Shin also fueled his need to be on equal footing with him as a fighter and to maybe one day surpass him. His conviction strengthened once he surfaced feelings for Shin's sister Maya. However, Shin's strong devotion and over-protectiveness towards Maya inadvertently inhibited Mitsuomi from freely pursuing a relationship with her. He also felt a need to free Maya from Shin’s choking clutches. This created a friction in their friendship and thus steamrolled their competitive relationship towards one of the most memorable (if not THE MOST memorable) battles in Todou Academy history.

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